The dog lived on the street then quckly became a popular food blogger

The charming dog knows quite well how to act and pose with food.

His name is Popeye who became a famous blogger and is always invited to TV shows. But he didn’t always have this kind of life. He was taken from the street couple of years ago.

He was exhausted dirty and sick. This caring family tried to find his owners but worthless. No one showed up, so they took him to their home. He was the fourth dog in that house. What was interesting was that he was so polite and careful with the food next to him. He never climbed and behaved well during the meals.

Then in 2015, the family created an Instagram profile and in order for the doggie to pose, they used his favorite cheese.

A huge amount of people were so thrilled seeing him. He got more than four thousand followers.

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