The dog saved a life of a newborn puppy

A police officer from Brazil almost slipped over something, which was busy with something in a garbage can.

He suspected that some animal was looking for something to eat. When he came back home, he noticed the dog of his neighbor, and apparently, he was not chewing food, there was something alive in his mouth. He looked closer and saw a little puppy in the mouth.

The baby was so weak, the guy called volunteers. When the volunteers came to pick up the baby, the grown dog started to whimper and didn’t let anyone touch her newly found baby. So they didn’t have a choice but to let them alone. Meanwhile, volunteers rushed to find a new home for the puppy.

Within a few hours, a nursing dog have been found, who was ready to give him milk. And now the baby is healthier and protected than before!

Thanks to amazing volunteers!

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