The dog wakes up his owner to save her life from meteorite

A dog with the name of Toby lives with the owner Ruth.

This girl took him from the shelter and they were very happy together. And the next day he introduced his heroic side.

It was early morning when the woman woke up from noisy barking. It seemed like he wanted to warn her about something and make her get up. She was a sleepyhead at that time, when she was about to get up, a huge voice came up almost to her head.

You wouldn’t believe but it was a piece of meteorite, which was down into her house at a very high speed, broke the roof, and fell exactly on part of the bed where Ruff had been sleeping.

She jumped out and Toby stopped barking.

Experts say that dogs have better hearing that’s how the pet learned about the coming dreadful stone from the universe.

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