The dog was so worried for her pregnant human in the shower, that she climbed to her to make sure if she is okay

An affectionate dog with the name of Diz loves the owner very much. And recently when he got married she fell in love with his wife too!

They had a very good relationship, so Diz was always around to make sure that everything was okay with her pregnant human.

The woman’s name is Brittany. She herself loves the dog a lot, and states, that she is very attentive to her well-being especially when her husband is not around.

So an interesting case proves the care and attachment of the dog. One day when she was in the shower, Diz was sitting next to the bath tab guarding her.

In a while, when Brittany was still in the bath, Diz got worried and climbed to her to check if everything was okay.

She even entered and sit next to her to protect her safe shower!

The couple is ensured, Diz will become the best friend and protector for their upcoming baby!

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