The dog was trying to calm his cat friend, who was annoyed by the birds

A woman named Lisa lived in Indiana.

This woman loved animals very strongly. She always said that animals are an integral part of her life. And the Indiana resident adopted two animals, a dog, and a cat, and her desire of having pets came true.

To her surprise, the animals became inseparable and loyal friends. It was their duty to always protect the owner, and these animals did so with great love.

However, the cat with the name of Jasper sometimes had fun, unlike the dog. Jasper often complained about the phenomena around her. This time, too, she began to complain about the sound of birds.

As the cat stood by the window, the birds suddenly began to make loud noises. You can not imagine the anger and anxiety of a cat. Jasper was very upset by the noise, and her faithful friend hurried to help her.

The dog came, sat very close to the kitten as if he wanted to hug her, and after a while, the cat’s anxiety passed.

This is a truly incredible sight. Fortunately, Lisa managed to take a photo of all this, which had a great response on the Internet.

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