The dog went to the police station to report the news of his escape

We do the impossible for our beloved dogs to make them feel good and safe. We give them our love, good attitude, care, and tenderness. We do things so that the dogs never lack attention.

But sometimes they invent strange stories to get even more attention and to be in the center of it. And this dog is not an exception.

This mischievous and adventurous dog decided to play an interesting game on his owner’s head. He organized his escape from home to make his day more interesting. But what he did next was the funniest thing. After escaping, he went to the police station and immediately reported the escape. About his escape.

The police officers loved him very much, they played tennis games with him. But since the dog had lost its tie on the way, on which his address was written, the police officers could not immediately find its owner.

Suddenly, the dog decided that it was time to leave and got up and went home.

The next day, when one of the policemen wrote about that event on his social network the owner of the dog contacted the policeman and said that the dog was already at home. Later on, the policeman confessed that such smart dogs are very necessary for their work.

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