The giggling fox stole the owner’s phone and made a funny video

Mikayla Raines, founder of the nonprofit foxrescue organization SaveAFox, recently shared with socialmedia userss afunny videothat her fox, Dixie, made the day before.

Mikayla prepares to film her yoga session by fixing her camera phone on the ground. Not even a minute passes before Dixie appears on the horizon. Despite the girl’s requests to leave the gadget alone, the cunning fox grabs the phone with her teeth and rushes with it wherever her eyes look.

Dixie runs away from the mistress, giggling merrily on the go, and simultaneously shoots an art-house movie about wildlife – she forgot to turn off the camera!

Mikayla tries to catch up with her, laughing herself at what is happening. Luckily, the girl manages to intercept the phone before the mischievous pet digs it into the ground – which, judging by the video, is exactly what she wanted to do.

Volunteers of the center call her the “queen of the orphanage” – at least she considers herself one. Dixie only lookss cutee andharmless, actually,, she is still a thief. According to SaveAFox employees, having learned from experience, they already know not to leave hats, gloves, garbage bags and food unattended – and now also phones. However, if Dixie had not been interfered with, perhaps she would have managed to shoot another cinematic masterpiece.

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