The kind doctor put at risk his life to save the terrified pet on the road

There is need courage to do some things as it is difficult to do behave in a right way.

The doctor Ovidiu is braver as he had behaved heroically. One day he was in the traffic in Romania when suddenly saw something on the road. At first he did not know what was moving on the highway.

There was a tiny pet which defended itself along passing cars on order not have an accident. The man approached the baby and was trying to take it from the dangerous road.

Ovidiu supposed that the small pet was left on the road and the tiny pet was terrified and did not know how to behave. It was afraid to pass the road. The man attentively approached the pet and took it immediately and hold firmly in order it did not run.

It was rather difficult for the man to do so that the animal could confide in him and the main thing that the doctor wanted at that moment just to take it out from the road and to rush from that place.

Fortunately he was able to go closer. Due to the kindness of the man the poor animal was rescued.

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