The kitty is the assistant for the unhearing sailor and assists it while navigating

When the kitty was about 4 months his holder Paul was a sailor and once took it with him while navigating in New Zealand.

The name of the cat is Scatty and it is a faithful friend while travelling across the sea. But the cat is also a good assistant in something.

The thing is that its holder does not hear and the kitten assists it while navigating and orienting voices. He confessed that the cat is kind of his ears.

It can give signal when noticing another boat passing them or when somebody is tapping the door or when he receives notifiactions on phone. He likes when the pet is beside him. It is pleasant to accustom to the life of the cat.

When the world is in rush it is fussing just calmly. For it the traveling is a usual thing and could wonder if they can be cats that are not used to swimming at the sea via boats.

The owner has hope that when the story will be spread the owners will frequently take their cats while travelling as they will have a great time together and none of them will be bored.

And another thing is also that when taking cat on sailing the holder should not make it do some thing which would not be pleasant for the animal.

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