The kitty is the most pleasant one which turns to the dog for asking to be adopted by it

A lot of animals have parental instincts. They can easily look after other creatures.

Even not having children as if they know how to deal with the small animal. Just the similar thing occurred to a tiny kitty.

One day a dog named Toast and its owner Lucie were having a walk and by chance met a cute kitty. The creature was so cute.

The small one was slim and it was seemed to be hungry. When they approached the animal Lucie explained its pet to be calm with the baby.

The kitty was abandoned all alone on the road and it had hope that would find its mummy. But no traces of its mother could be seen.

After the short time the owner noticed that the animals were getting along each other.

Their connection was so cute that she realized that the cat admitted the dog to be a foster mummy. Toast was very caring to it.

It was giving love and affection to the poor animal. The owner decided to take the cat with to live as the dog was treating it in a rather gentle way. When seeing it the pet was the kindest one on the earth.

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