The little ducks fell from the truck and died under the cars, fortunately, this woman saved one of them, who became the favorite child of her 2 dogs

This union is very unique and amazing, but it is a real company.

The incident took place in the Russian city of Omsk when an honest woman decided to give a second life to this little animal.

When the Russian woman was traveling on the bridge, she accidentally noticed a duck falling from the opposite truck. The little duck fell so hard that the woman thought that the animal would be injured. The car braked quickly and went to rescue the duck. The poor duck was running left and right out of uncertainty.

One of the drivers mentioned that he noticed many other dead ducks on the road, which probably fell from the same car.

The kind and caring woman had no choice but to take the helpless animal home with her.

Since the wife also kept two dogs in the house, she and her husband discussed for a long time how the dogs would react to the fact that the duck appeared.

To their surprise, their dogs welcomed this little animal and began to care for it like their own child.

The woman even started a page for animals on Instagram called @gaffhappy. Follow the page to get acquainted with interesting photos of animals first.

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