The mongrel begged for help and led the firefighters along. Her puppy is in trouble…

Maternal fear is one of the strongest feelings on the planet, understandable to anyone who has children. This dog was very worried about her cub, but could not help him. And then she trusted people. A few weeks ago, the Chinese version of the popular social network TikTok – called Douyin – featured a touching video filmed in the provincial capital of Shandong.

In the footage, the alarmed dog can be seen leading firefighters to her pup in trouble, constantly looking back at them to see if they are following her. The owner of the animals called the brigade.

The young mother was so excited that she was the first to meet the rescuers and led them to the scene. It turned out that her rather plump puppy tried to climb through the bars of the cage and got stuck. Rescuers immediately rushed to save the unfortunate animal. The mother of the puppy had to be dragged aside – she was so worried that she prevented the men from doing their job. According to one of the firefighters, the baby looked helpless and miserable and suffered from discomfort and pain.

Rescuers tried to cut the metal bars with wire cutters around the head of the whining puppy, but nothing came of it. Then one of the firefighters took the cage apart using a powerful bolt cutter. Luckily, the puppy was not hurt. He was happy to be free again and immediately rushed to his mother, who knowingly trusted people and asked them for help.

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