The pet which was 16 was living in the loveliest family that took it to the beach via mobile bed

It is difficult for aged dogs to stay active and to have a walk in different kind of places.

The pet named Cocoa was 16 and was fond of walking with a family. But considering its age it is now not easy for it to be active. Its family.

Tom with his spouse prepared a bed which was moving to take the dog for a walk in order the pet did not spend so much energy. According to Tom a short time was needed to prepare the moving bed as they had got the necessary materials with them.

The story was spread on social media when the woman captured photos of the dog while being across the beach. Quietness and joy could be seen in the eyes of the pet. So she decided to make a photo and showed on the Internet. The post became famous and had thousands of views.

Everyone was applauding the couple for their love and care towards the aged pet and also that they allowed the pet to pass its years with them. Unluckily after a short time Cocoa died.

It is praising to hear that it was enjoying its years with getting love and care from its familiars. Due to kind hearted people a lot of dogs had a calm life.

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