The pregnant dog had an unrepeatable baby shower

As children are the meaning of their mothers’ lives, they do absolutely everything for making the children’s life brighter and happier.

Maternal feelings and instincts are the same, no matter who the mother is. They can be humans as well as animals. And there is no difference between them. Mother is mother, no matter what.
Realizing this fact the owner of the pit bull with the name of Gisselle organized an unrepeatable and exclusive baby shower for his dog.

The owner used to call him Winter, as she adopted this friendly animal right in winter. The baby shower took place on a beach, which was a dreamy place for every mom.

The dog wore a blue tutu and became the center of attention for her clothing. She was the happiest and the most beautifully smiling animal that day thanks to a big and full plate of sandwiches.

The owner thought of organizing this event, and she undoubtedly succeeded. Thanks to her one more animal felt appreciated and valued that day.

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