The rescuers risked their lives to save the eagles fallen from the nest

Despite the fact that eagles are predatory and frightful animals they are also wildly spread birds all over the world.

They build their nests in the high forest trees and mostly they prefer to live next to the water, for example near the lakes or rivers. The eaglets can hold their head up for eating from the second week of their life.

Maybe the story that has already taken place was when the mom eagle wanted to feed his babies. This event took place in Washington, in the city of Sequim.

A man named Andy once discovered that the two eagles that were in his yard needed his help. They were fallen from the highest nest and their mom was nervously circling in above of them. Andy immediately called to an animal help center. The rescuers came and did their mission.

The little and poor creatures were saved. The members from this center fed these animals and put them back in the high nest. Parant eagles were gratefully happy.

A skilled and professional photographer Keith shot all the rescue missions and his pictures became famous and gained more than six thousand (6k) shares and likes.

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