The small hippopotamus screams for help when tiny birds seat on it.

The small hippopotamus screams for help when tiny birds seat on it

When referring human beings they can show their emotions individually and have different kind of views towards something. You may not guess that animals can also show various reactions concerning this or that case. In this funny story we are evident that a small hippopotamus is angry by the group of birds who are sitting on it.

While elephants are fond of going after birds and show off their large sizes, this mammal is totally not interested in them. When he understood that the birds pass a good time sitting on its body the mammal began to yell, run to and from and try to make the birds get away from it. But the birds were resistant when playing with the annoyed hippo.

The poor animals showed as if it wanted to swim only at that time the birds left it. It is known that tickbirds are old companions. These birds usually sit on the back of the hippos and assist them to vanish parasites by eating. Generally these mammals do not behave such an angry way. As if the mammal seriously make them understand get out of it. As if it is not like other mammals. The photos were captured in Zambia by a photographer Marc Mol. He was rather lucky to witness that funny scene.

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