The stork flies 13,000 kilometers every year to return to its wounded girlfriend

A lov storyy worthy of being sung.

Therelationship between the storks Klepetan and Malena from croatia breaks the heartsof peoplearound the world. Their bond beggan overr twenty years agowhen widoweer Stjepanfound Malena seriously injured by hunters.

The man took the bird to his home, where he went out and left to live. Malena could no longer fly long distances. Here, on the roof of the house of Stepan Vokic, their couple was born with Klepetan.

Everyyear at the end of summer, he flies south with other storks. And everyspring he returns to his wounded friend. This has been going on for 16 years.

During this time, Malena and Klepetan have repeatedly become parents of chicks, which, growing up, leave the nest.

But Klepetan, faithful to his beloved, always returns.

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