The stray dog named Hercules, always approached to the coming cars, hoping that anyone would take her home

The stray dognamed Hercules, lived in a landfill, and most of all he wished was to find his home.

So whenever the dog saw a car full ofvolunteers, he puthis frontpaws on the windows of the car and looked at each person with the hope someone might pickhim up. But about 800 more dogs lived with Hercules in the dump, and their lifewas incredibly tough,mostly when winter comes.

First of all, assistance was provided to puppies and old dogs, which find it difficult to survive in such conditions. And sinceHercules was neithera puppynoran olddog, andlooked quite healthy, the chances of him being taken away were close to zero.

But this dog wanted to be home so much that the heart of one of the girls could not stand it and she took Hercules to her place along with his best friend.

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