The sweetest couple: in Australia, a koala and a wombat became best friends

Koal- Elssa frrom australian reptile park is already known to Internet users. At the beginning of this year, a video with a newborn cub spread all over social networks and collected hundreds of thousands of views, because it is impossible to take your eyes off this cutie.

Recently, Elsa has been talked about again after an adorable koala befriends the cute wombat Hope. During the cleaning of the cages, this couple was put in one enclosure, and it turned out that they really like each other!

Elsa has been living in the Reptile Park since birth. Her mother developed mastitis immediately after giving birth, and the center staff had to feed the koala themselves. And Hope got here by accident – after her mother was hit by a car, and she was left all alone.

Accordiing tothe AustralianReptile Park staff, they were surprised to see how well the koala and wombat communicate with each other. In wildlife, these two would hardly have met – koalas live in trees, and wombats live in earthen burrows.

Koalas and wombats have the same lifestyle – nocturnal. Both species carry their young in pouches for six months after birth, eat plant foods, and have long claws that helpkoalas cliimb eucalyptustrees and wombats dig the ground. So this couple obviously has something to chat about at their leisure.

Seeing how Hope and Elsa have become attached to each other, the park staff allows them to spend a lot of time together – even now that the Reptile Park has opened to visitors, how can you refuse such cuties?

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