The vet refused to put down the overweight Golden Retriever and saved him

Any dog owner should be aware that dogs usually eat things they are not supposed to, even things that are not even edible.

It’s their choice to have healthy or unhealthy pets. This time, an overweight retriever named Kai, had difficulties moving because of the indifference of his family.

When he was about to weigh 173lbs, the family decided to move him to the clinic and ask the vets to put him down.

But the doctors rejected and took him. Soon Kai was adopted by a caring person named Pam.

She was an animal lover and knew how to deal with dogs as she had a couple of them in the house. She was determined to assist her dog, and the vet’s therapy program would help them definitely.

Pam was persistent and didn’t give up, even though she encountered lots of transportation challenges along the way.

The special therapy lasted several weeks, where the dog constantly did exercises. Meanwhile, Pam opened an account and shared the success with her audience.

In a year of struggle and persistence, Kai’s weight got about 70lbs.

Kai now eats mostly fruits and vegetables and constantly goes for a long walk. This is how the faith in the dog, care, and love helped the animal to recover and live happily with his new owner.

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