The woman was late for work for the first time. The boss learning about the reason did not scold her.

An elderly American woman named Jen has been working in her office for eight years. Her boss refers to her as “a very nice old lady who other colleagues call mom.” In all these years, she was late only once, when her son had a wisdom tooth removed – this was about nine months after Jen got a job.

But recently it happened again. At 8:42 am, Jen texted her boss that she would be a few minutes late. He freaked out, “Okay. Are you all right? You usually arrive on time.” In response, Jen honestly spoke about the reason for being late: “It’s all right. It’s just that my dog ​​was sleeping very nicely and I was taking pictures of her instead of getting ready.”

As proof, Jen sent a photo of the dog. It is not known what answer she expected from her boss, but the realitydefinitely exceedeed al expeectations.

“Just look at this cute guy! Take your time, I’ll have Miller follow up on your calls. Next month will be Bark at the Park. Do you want me to take two tickets for you and this baby?” Bark at the Park is an annual charity event for dog owners that regularly takes place in American parks.

Obviously, with her impeccable work and punctuality, Jen deserved this small “bonus” from management.

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