The wonderful pet is waiting for the girl each day to be stroked by her

If you knew how faithful pets can be the following story will prove that fact as it is one of the cutest creatures on the earth.

The article is about a pet the name of which is Ralph. It is a lovely pet who made a friend with a schoolgirl in California.

Each day when she goes for her lessons the significant thing that should be mentioned is that the pet waits for the girl. It wants to be stroked by her.

The case became popular on the Internet when Elisa told about that. These pets are known as the most dedicated animals in the world. The name of the young girl is Elisa.

The school where she goes is near their house. She said when she first met the dog supposes it would attack her or might show some aggressiveness.

When knowing each other better the dog was fond of the girl very much. It is so devoted to the schoolgirl that frequently notices it near their gate.

It is waiting for her to stroke it until on her way to school. The story is really wonderful and arises positive emotions and also after looking the pics.

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