The young couple adopted a sad and depressed dog named Benji from the Animal Rescue Center and taught him to smile

A young couple from California named Jessica and Jared dreamed long of having a dog, but the owners of the apartment they rented were against it.

Later, the couple found an apartment where they could live with a pet. And Jessica immediately began to look for an animal in shelters.

On one of the pages on social media, a photo of a very unhappy dog ​​caught her eye. Jessica realized that this was the dog they needed.

Upon arrival at the shelter, they learned that the dog’s name was Benji and that they found him on the street 10 days ago.

Perhaps before that Benji wandered the streets for quite some time.

He suffered a lot from cruel owners and passers-by and did not trust anyone, growled, and threw himself at everyone who came close. Benji didn’t eat much. The shelter staff was not at all sure that the animal was a suitable candidate for a house dog, and even tried to draw the attention of Jessica and Jared to more friendly animals.

But the couple firmly decided to try to change the fate of the unfortunate dog and took him with them.

It took a whole week for Benji to eat well and after that, he was completely recovered.

Thanks to this blessed couple the poor animal started to smile again.

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