These stunning animals are winning hearts by their extraordinary beauty

It was 2010 when one of the inhabitants of France decided to engage in rabbit breeding.

It was his long-held dream, and he was quite proud of himself because he had become the creator of such a farm.

This man named Yufeli grows her eared rabbits on her own farm. But her farm became famous not for the fact that there are a lot of rabbits, but for the special and unique kind of rabbits they are.

This is the most unusual breed: the pygmy English Angora. This breed is distinguished by its incredibly fluffy coat, which is very abundant, so much so that the eyes of rabbits are not visible.

Yufeli loves these cutest animals so much that she visits them all her free time. Each rabbit is valuable to him. She loves them madly because they are so sweet and affectionate.

It turned out to be not only a pleasant business but very profitable. Everyone seeing these wonderful animals is willing to pay a great price for them.

Many have these babies as pets. They are as lovely and sympathetic, that they have became an Internet stars, who can easily draw the most touching smile on your face

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