This adopted piggy named Hamlett saved the girl’s life who had epilepsy

This girl has loved all pets since she was a child and she has always dreamed of having pets.

When she grew up it became clear that she had epilepsy. Before the marriage, he had two or three seizures a year, but after it, everything got worse. After the marriage, he had seven or eight seizures a day. And it was very bad, it could not have been worse.

That is the reason that the couple decided to adopt an animal. However, because the girl’s husband was allergic to dogs and cats, they decided to adopt a piggy whose picture they had seen on the Internet.

By the time her husband went to adopt the pig, he had already been adopted by others. The desperate man decided to adopt another pig. However, this pig was very weak and sick.

The woman and the pig became friends. She named him Hamlett. Despite his weakness, the piggy was always playing and running. The girl fed the little animal, took him for a walk, and spent most of the day together.

This girl is very grateful to this animal because thanks to the sick and weak pig she learned to live, to enjoy life because the pig taught to live by his example. The little animal saved the girl’s life.

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