This adorable trio of black-spotted horse, pony and dog charm everyone with their similiarity and uniqueness

The beautiful and extraordinary animals with black spots never stop to amaze everyone.

The beautiful friendship between them shocked everyone, not to mention the similarity in appearance.

Here is the amazing trio, a ten-year-old horse called Nevada, a pony who is six year old, with the name of Napoleon, and a Dalmatian two-year-old dog, with the name of Jack.

This team looks like they came from a miraculous fairy tale, Maybe because this similarity linked them to each other and became the reason for their pure friendship.

Can you imagine three majestic animals and three of them are different species, showing off their uniqueness. They spend all their time together, playing, cuddling, running after, and relaxing in their Dutch home.

A man with the name of Greetje is a trainer who found out about this unique friendship. She was surprised to see three totally different animals having so strong bond, and who get along very well with each other.

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