This charming dog, called Honeydew always gets attention as she is like a chocolate cookie

This charming dog, called Honeydew, lives in California and always gets attention due to its appearance.

It’s because she an unusual color and has beautiful little eyes, besides, she has the appearance of a chocolate cookie.

Heather, her owner, always wanted to get a dog, however, he was unsure what breed of dog to choose.

She expected the dog to be special, so she decided to stop by a short-legged dachshund.

The doggie was only 2 months old when she got a new owner.

And since then, people always admired the puppy and are very interested in him, as Honeydew’s color is not ordinary. So every time the owner explains that it’s her true color and it came from mother nature.

Although the puppy’s color is unusual, he is not so different from other dogs, he is very joyful and cute.

She is always happy to meet other animals, and the owner admires her.

The girl proudly declares that her dog gets along well with other puppies and with people too.

As you probably know, this cute baby managed to become a star on Instagram, she now has 295 thousand subscribers.

Honeydew is a grown pet now, but she never stopped being as adorable as before.

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