This couple turned their bad into a huge bed frame so their eight rescued dogs could sleep with them on the same bed

For this couple from New York, sharing the bed with their dogs became their daily issue.

Marisea and Chris literally lost their sleep since they rescued 8 dogs who are now sleeping with them on their bed.

After many bad nights and sleep, this couple finally discovered the solution, which is to make a new comfortable spot for everyone.

And saying spot they meant a huge bed frame with double mattresses. So the couple expressed their desire to the good furniture make named Mike, who was actually a big animal lover.

He happily agreed to take on the project and in six months the outstanding bed for all family members was ready.

Also, a mini ladder was built for the old dogs who had difficulties climbing on the bed.

Initially, the couple have their own non-profit projectthat is intended to rescue the old and sick dogs and h=give them to caring and loving families.

Moreover, they also believe that there is enough room to increase the number of new pets.

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