This female gorilla is winning hearts by being a perfect and best mother even in comparison with humane moms

Interesting stories about gorillas are not many. We knew only a few details about their daily life.

As we know we can see them only in the zoo. These wonderful creatures sometimes act as strangely, as no one could imagine. They are the duplicators of humans, and this story is also a vivid example of how humane and gentle they are.

A gorilla, who was seventeen years old gave birth to her thin and small baby. During her pregnancy, the specialist taught her the way of handling the newborn tiny baby, the main and crucial principles of feeding the child.

And when her childbirth was over, she was treated like the majority of humane mothers. The zoo administration organized a shooting for these animals. Mom gorilla showed her love and care in any way she could. She kissed her baby many times, hugged her as strong as no other animal could do, cuddled and fed her like most of the humane moms.

Her pictures have shocked the virtual world. Who could ever imagine that mommy gorilla could act like this?

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