This kindhearted boy used his Christmas gift legos to make a stroller for his disabled cat

A dog named Gracie was lucky because he found himself in such a friendly and loving family.

The dog’s former owners kicked him out of the house because the dog had no front legs. When his new owners found him, they were overjoyed that they could do good for another dog and save his life.
The dog had problems moving. Special strollers have been created for dogs with similar problems so that they can move easily.

However, they are very expensive, and every age has its raw foot. Gracie is also growing up very fast, so it would be pointless for her to buy such a stroller.
And it is in such cases that people’s ingenuity is seen. The family’s son who was just 12 years old received a gift of legos at Christmas.

He used them and made a stroller for the dog. Now the dog moves easily.
It would be a real blessing for any animal to be adopted by such a family.

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