This man was forced to take his dog to the orphanage because of the tough period in his life, but he kept the process and months later was reunited with his beloved baby

There was a time when a man named Lewis was having serious financial problems.

What’s more terrible, the landlord of his apartment didn’t let him live with his beloved pet. This was a real hardship for him, as the pitbull, Titus was not just a pet but his loyal and best friend.

He was informed that in case of keeping the dog, he would be evicted. he asked for help from friends to take the dog to a temporary residence but everyone refused.

Eventually, he had no choice, but to leave him at a shelter.

Lewis told the staff that whenever he solves the problems he will take his friend back, but no one actually believed him. He even convinced them to not look for other owners as he was determined to take him back.

Lewis regularly visited his lovely friend. And finally, in four months he came to take his baby from the orphanage!

It was a very touching and emotional moment for everyone, staff members were so happy to know that the baby was not abandoned, It touched their hearts.

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