Touching moment, a senior woman reunites with her beloved cat the dreadful earthquake

It’s not a secret that pets mean a lot to many people. They are always around their beloved humans and share the happiness, pain with them, just like best friends.

So losing them might be the same as a feeling of grief.

But, we’ve heard many cases when one of them gets lost, and sometimes they come back, sometimes they stay lost for whole their life. However, miracles indeed happen!

A senior woman with the name of Dora loses her favorite pet during a dreadful earthquake. As a result, Dora lost everything, even her home, but her heart broke when she lost her cat.

She was living alone with the cat so losing her only lovely friend was very sorrowful for her. Dora lost her hope to find the cat alive.

But hopefully, after 4 long years of the horrible earthquake, the beautiful cat unexpectedly returned home.

The senior woman couldn’t believe her eyes as she was reunited with her old friend. She was happier than ever!

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