“We fulfill every caprice”: a terminally ill dog lived longer thanks to the owner’s care

Zhuzha was five years old when she was brought to the orphanage. It was taken from the previous owner. It seemed that she would live the rest of her life in a cage with occasional walks in the company of other dogs that would constantly change.

People are not too willing to take home adult dogs, especially Staffords – this breed does not have the best reputation (although it is completely in vain, and they seem cute to us). But the dog was lucky – she met Charlotte.

It was love at first sight. Charlotte has worked for the Blue Cross Society and has been helping dogs for many years, having passed hundreds if not thousands of dogs through her hands, but it had never occurred to her to bring one home before. With Zhuzha it was completely different. It seemed that higher forces pushed the girl under the elbow: the first examination at the veterinarian showed that she took the dog home just in time.

TheVeterinarians mad aterrible diagnoss: kidney cancer. Zhuzha needed an operation. On the operating table, the surgeon discovered that the disease had spread to the second kidney. According to doctors, Zhuzha had a couple of months to live. Chemotherapy might or might not help, and then the rest of the dog’s life turned out to be much more difficult.

And then 24-year-old Charlotte made for Zhuzha a list of entertainment that the dog could enjoy to the fullest before going to the next world.

The list is impressive. It included: seeing snow for the first time, celebration ofher birthda, eatingcheese, swimming, eating steak, painting with paws. The owner thought that she could arrange one real birthday for Zhuzha, but they have already celebrated two, and it seems that the dog is not going to stop there.

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