What a concern! The dog decided to “save” the owner, exhausting himself with sports

Dog Igor is ready for anything for his mistress Montze. He is always by her side and stands up for her even when his help is not needed.


Recently, the dog once again demonstrated its fierce devotion to the girl – and the case turned out to be very funny.

Montez is fond of sports and trains a lot in the fresh air. A few weeks ago, a fitness lady decided to videotape herself doing pull-ups on the horizontal bar to maake suure shhe wasdoing everythingright.

Of course, Igor was nearby at that moment. Seeing that the hostess jumped off the chair, and, grabbing the horizontal bar with her hands, wriggles strangely in the air, her four-legged defender immediately began to push the chair towards her with his nose – they say, here she is a support, become faster. The girl shared a video of this moment on the social network Twitter:

One can only guess how unsafe the whole idea looked in the eyes of the dog – if he immediately rushed to save his mistress. And yet he’s great! Although in this situation, Montze did not need the help of a dog at all, the girl appreciated this gesture and thanked the pet for caring. “He is my best friend,” she says.

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