When her husband said, “it’s either the dogs or me,” she chose the dogs and lived happily

A woman named Liza always loved dogs and anything that is related to them.

Her mother raised White Terriers, besides, her dad also had a food business for pets.

And since then, she knew for sure her life wouldn’t be without these creatures. She started working with dogs in need.

But her husband didn’t like her passion for her, and warned her, either him or the dogs, she had to choose. Without hesitation, after twenty-five years of being together, Liz ended their relationship.

Soon, she was happier to finally open a small shelter neighboring her house.

Time has passed, and the shelter became a real home for bull terriers. A kind-hearted Liz saved many dogs and adapted them in her shelter.

She takes care of everyone, feeds them, finds reliable owners for her animals.

To her, this is her true passion!

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