Who would have thought that bears would start bathing like humans?

Everyone likes to take a shower. Many people like to spend their leisure time in the bathroom.

It calms people, helps them to arm themselves with new thoughts and ideas, and just to be cleansed.

When we talk about bathing, we always think of ordinary people, but after this amazing scene, everyone’s opinion will be changed. Just look at these pictures.

One of the inhabitants of the zoo, a bear with the name of Takota, likes to take a bath very much.

He spends most of his time in the bath. Being clean is an important precondition for this huge and kind creature. But it is more important to spend a pleasant time in the bathroom.

The animal is now ten years old, during his childhood, he was found by the owners of the zoo in the mountains. For ten years now, the bear has been setting an example for everyone with its unusual bath.

His example was also imitated by other animals there, who come every day and stand in a queue to take a bath. And our cunning bear is always the first one who goes to the bathroom to avoid long queues.

After all, he can not wait long to pursue his favorite hobby.

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