You will be touched with the photos of the parenthless deer which was playing with foster family

You will be touched with the photos of the parenthless deer Which was playing with foster family

One of the farms in Essex you will meet horses near the forest. Each day the deer which does not have a parent comes near them. As if the horses have become a family it passes its day with them and doesn’t feel alone.The family of horses in the same way are fond of the baby. It is also apparent that there is one more horse which is also very attentive to the youngster.

The amazing pictures off the fellowship among horses and deer were captured buy a photographer Chinara who was visiting the grazing land frequently. The photographer told that the deer was hugged by the horse. The horse was taking care of it and even admitted it as its familiar. The photographer said she did not know what was the reason that the mommy of the deer was missing but anyway now it obtained a new family.

The deer was feeling protected beside them. She also told that the animal everyday was coming near the horses and in the evening it left. The horse and the deer seem to be both young and they are fond of playing with one another. Once when a barking dog was passing near them the deer got frightened and rushed next to the horse immediately. The connection between the deer and the horses is really astonishing.

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