You’ll be amazed to see what a strange note this missing cat brought with her

Most of the time, cats like to go missing for a couple of days. This is their habit.

While the owner and all the neighborhood were waiting for the cat to come back, some days after the cat surprised everyone.

A man from Thailand, who owned a cat, was about to get the answer to this question. Recently, his cat got lost for three days and no one guessed where he could be. But the kitten came back home with a strange note around her neck.
Once he read the note, he got very surprised․

Turned out the cat was constantly visiting a fish market. It was funny to read it as it was written that the cat was always looking at the mackerels and that the vendor gave the cat three of them. The contact info was also mentioned so that the owner could pay back the vendor.

Such a ridiculous story about a lost cat who returned home with debts.

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