A couple have been reunited with their missing cat

This case happened in 2011. The heroes of this story waited for their pet for so long, until they declared that he is missing.

In 2011, Britons Clayton and Eva Bellamy got married and the couple had their honeymoon on a barge in Birmingham.

Three cats also lived there. All of them were always out for the walk, but they always returned home.

One time, only two cats come back home and Big Ginge did not come. The owners were waiting for five days. And only after, the pet was eas declared as missing.

But Big Ginge had a piece with owner information.

The residents of Lichfield, a suburb of Birmingham, noticed a nobody’s cat in 2021. They started calling him Marmalade and tried to catch it.

A kind man took care of him. Then a volunteer brought him home.

When the animal was finally safe, the volunteer noticed a big tumor on one side of his face, and he was taken to the veterinarian and found out that it is the exact cat that was lost 10 years ago, so the doctor immediately called the former owners.

They were shocked!

The tumor was not severe, and the cat eventually returned to his home.

“I know that he suffered a lot and now he needs a good rest”,

– says the owner.

No one really knows how the cat survived these ten years, who took care of him.

But make no mistake, he is now in good hands, with his loving family.

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