An unbelievable story about a strange friendship between a lion and human

Meet Sirga, an adult lioness, and her adoptive parents, young people who care about her and her future and do everything to draw public attention to the problems of lions in Africa.

As a child, Sirga was kicked out of the tribe and rescued by the German-Danish duo Valentina and Mikkel, who just couldn’t leave her to die.

Incredibly, Sirga treats these young people as if they were part of her tribe. And thanks to them, she now knows how to hunt.

According to his owners, there were three lion cubs, two of which died, and Sirga was left alone, without food. It happened in their territory, and they simply could not allow the animal to die. He hunts on his own.

Sirga does not mind the presence of people, but she does not pay attention to them.

Wild lions are afraid of people. Problems can begin if a lion who is accustomed to people is released into the wild. In the end, the owners want to let Sirga go free.

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