An unusual koala was born and made happy the employees of Australian Zoo

An unusual koala came to earth in Australia. But not very soon humanity knew about that

The animal got the color because of genetics. It got that color from its mummy in a genetic way. The name is not yet reported in the Zoo. And even an organization of tourism wants to manage contest about this case.

The animal’s birth was in winter but about the existence of the animal was only reported in summer. They employees wanted to arise interest in public about the wonderful baby.

Generally the colour of koalas goes from gray to chocolate-colored and white ones can be met rarely in nature as with their shade they can capture the attention of predators and be hunted.

A director of a center referring wild animals tells that the term in medication for this case is white gene. When the creatures are born with this uniqueness they have got the light color or white one.

When becoming old it changes like the teeth of the baby. Then gradually the color turns into a usual color.

Just looking the baby koala makes positive feelings and as if you want to take it and hug firmly as it is very sweet.

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