As a sign of gratitude each day the cute kitty fetches slippers for its holder

When reading the article your heart will be touched.

How thankful animals may be to humans who could give care and love them and admit them in their home. The cat was 10 year and its name was Lulu. It had inhabited in the refuge for about a year.

As it had health issues with kidney no individual had wish to take it. But one day it loved a female who visited to the refuge to take a cat. So she chose it and it finally got the worthy love.

As a sign of thankfulness the animal started to fetch shoes to its holder. Firstly it fetches one boot and then brings another one via teeth. It pulls it on the big stairs.

When she enters the room she starts meowing as if showing that slippers are in their place. The woman was touched by such a kind gesture. The cat was not taught to do such thing.

So each day the cat is used to bringing shoes. The holder is also thankful to the cat for its behavior. The kitty was really fortunate to be in that house.

The holder takes it to the doctor constantly to check the functioning of kidneys. So the best way to thank her Lulu found in bringing slippers. Yes, cats can be really wonderful and clever.

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