Ashley exposed her body in a transparent dress at the presentation

Ashley exposed her body in a transparent dress at the presentation

Ashley Graham was a sight to behold on Tuesday, as she attended the Swarovski x SKIMS collection launch party at the brand-new Swarovski flagship store in New York City alongside celebrities.

The new space, which has an enviable Fifth Avenue location, welcomed a procession of celebrities, including Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow and founder of SKIMS Kim Kardashian.

Ashley, 36, stole the show during the bombshell parade with an ensemble that was sure to turn heads.

The proponent of body positivity flaunted her curves in a glittering, transparent dress that let the cameras see her silver underwear in full.

The plus-size model gathered her opulent dark hair back and highlighted her distinctive features with a swipe of dark lipstick.

She adorned herself in jewelry, including a tangle of opulent necklaces and a pair of hoop earrings, to add an extra dash of glitz to the ensemble.

Ashley, who is naturally quite tall at 5’10”, gave herself a little extra height by deftly balancing on a towering pair of stilettos.

Early in 2022, WWD revealed that Swarovski had signed a lease for its new location, which would span two floors and 14,000 square feet.

The new location is only a short stroll from Rockefeller Center and next to an older Swarovski store.

The brand’s Galaxy collection of lab-grown diamonds was also unveiled at its opening gala this week, according to National Jeweler.

During the last years of the Habsburg Empire, in the 1890s, the son of a glass cutter from the Bohemian mountains founded Swarovski.

With over 2,000 stores across more than 150 countries, the brand has expanded from its original headquarters in the Tyrol town of Wattens.

Ashley is married to Justin Ervin, a filmmaker, and the two of them have three sons: one son, Isaac, who is three, and one son, Roman and Malachi, who are twins.

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