Brave Yorkie risks her life to save her little owner who was attacked by a coyote

A heroic dog risks her life to save Lily, her young beloved human from an attack by a coyote.

As we all experienced, dogs are human protectors as well.

The horrible story happened in the streets of Toronto. It was recorded by the security camera. The courageous Yorkie, who lives in the family for more than six years, was actually rescued by her human.

She was very nice to every family member but she formed a special bond with the family daughter named Lily.

On the day of the attack, they were just having a regular walk when the coyote started to chase them. Lily got scared and dropped the leash of the dog and started to run screaming for help.

But the loyal pet didn’t run after her, instead, she protected her till the end. It was a really dangerous fight between her and the big coyote. Even though she got injured, she won the battle. It was important to know that her lovely human was saved.

In the clinic, it turned out that she needed to undergo surgery. Dorothy, her senior owner, posted the story on the internet hoping she will get some financial support for the treatment.

The story touched everyone’s heart, and many people collected around 25,000$ very soon. The doctors were sure that after the surgery the baby dog will recover very soon.

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