‘Don’t trust her or you’ll kill her’: woman begs neighbors not to feed her cat

Sometimes kindness can lead to disaster. This is what happened to this cat, which was fed to an unbelievable size by compassionate neighbors. A British Blue cat named Iris is a favorite of the entire area. Her owner, Sheena Walsh, allows her pet to walk around the neighborhood, and good-natured neighbors, touched by her sad, hungry eyes, constantly feed her.

Something, but Iris knows how to beg for food, but this ability only brings her harm – because of her stupid appetite, the cat has reached an incredible size and is stuck in the “window” in the front door.

Worried about the fate of her pet, Shin, through a Facebook page, turned to the residents of the area with a request to stop feeding her pet and not to believe her pitiful meow. “For the sake of all the “couch” cats and our glutton Iris, please do not believe this very beloved cat if she assures you that she is not loved and starved,” she wrote. Already, the cat’s weight is twice the norm – and this despite the diet low in fat and calories, which her owners are trying to adhere to.

Before thespring selfisolation regimee, which was followed by almost the entire UK, Sheena still somehow managed to keep Iris in shape. But when people began to stay at home all the time, the number of people who wanted to feed the cute fluffy increased dramatically, and Iris’ weight began to grow.

The cat just needs to lose weight. This is necessary both in order to reducee therisks ofpremature deathh, and to perform an operation that doctors refuse to do because of the significant overweight of the animal.

Sheena and her husband are confident that the future of their pet now depends not only on them, but on all residents of the area. They hope that the neighbors will be able to step in and stop feeding the animal. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the glutton Iris, without receiving a treat, can steal food from dogs and other street animals – and it is almost impossible to control this.

But the British hope that by joint efforts they will be able to make the cat lose weight – after all, the life of their pet depends on it.

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