Emily was called fat phobic when she exposed her abs in oversized jeans

Emily was called fat phobic when she exposed her abs in oversized jeans

Following a “fatphobic” photo shoot in which she slipped her tiny waist into one pant leg of some oversized jeans, Emily Ratajkowski stunned her fans.

Fans and plus-size influencers were left bitter after Emily wore jeans that were twice her size during her bizarre photo shoot for Le Magazine du Monde.

She put on a creamy button-up top that gaped open at her ribs, exposing her flat tummy to the world in an instant.

The bizarre ensemble was finished with a pair of low-rise jeans, in which Emily slipped both of her legs into a single pant leg, holding the waistband out as though she were posing for a dramatic weight loss shoot.

Emily wore a pair of cream trainers with her ankles bunched around her feet, which were much too long for her slender legs.

Even though the second pair of oversized jeans she wore was thankfully much smaller than the first, she still had to grip the waistband to prevent it from falling down.

Matching everything up, she wore a huge floral dress tucked into her pants, letting her brunette tresses run wild around her shoulders and removing her bra from underneath the sheer pink fabric.

Emily was dancing, her curves looking like they were about to burst out of a black-dotted, bright pink frilly top and dark blue jeans with peep-toe sandals.

Emily used an emoji of a pink heart to thank the magazine and photographers in the captions of her Instagram photos.

But as plus-size influencer Tess Holliday wrote in the comments, “I’ve been looking for those jeans in the second photo if you could just please return them that would cool,” she was unprepared for the fury that would ensue. Thank you.

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