Get to know what did the bear for taking his beloved brownies

Animals are were wildly spread all over the world. But some of them are typical to a few countries. One of them is the bear, which is not a common animal in other places.

A woman from the USA was baking cookies in her kitchen when she suddenly heard voices at the door. It turned out to be the most incredible and unexpected guest.

The guest was a young and strong bear, who was trying to enter the kitchen. He tried for a long time to get home, but he could not and all his efforts were in vain.

The woman was just terrified and scared. She riched out his neighbors, acquaintances, but all the people were diminished when needed.

First, the animal tried to enter the house from the kitchen. After failure, he changed his direction and tried the bedroom entrance, and again he was defeated.

The woman understood the coming reason of a bear. He just felt the smell of brownies and wanted to take his proper share from the cookies.

To the misfortune of the bear, no one entertained him with this fragrant smell and tasty cookies. And he left the house sadly and disappointedly.

The respiratory system of bears is very well developed. That’s why they can smell delicious cookies from far away places.

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