In her most audacious move yet, Natalie Portman removes her bra beneath a plunging blazer

In her most audacious move yet, Natalie Portman removes her bra beneath a plunging blazer

Natalie Portman looked stunning in a plunging tuxedo jacket, going nude for the photocall for her new film, May December.

Alongside her co-star Julianne Moore from Sky Movies, the Black Swan actress wowed on the red carpet.

Natalie made sure all eyes were on her by removing her bra and putting on a velvet blazer adorned with two gold buttons.

The jacket had a tuxedo-style collar that dropped almost all the way to her navel, accentuated by two silk lapels.

Natalie put on a tight bun for her dark hair and painted her nails black to complete her look. She accessorized with velvet pants and boots.

The actress went for maximum glam when it came to makeup, lining her eyes with dark kohl and applying a dark pink pout.

Julianne Moore dazzled in a floor-length black gown that revealed only her bare toes through a pair of strappy sandals. She wore an oversized leather jacket with square shoulders.

She wore her fiery red hair loose around her shoulders and accessorized the red carpet with a pair of chunky gold earrings for a little extra sparkle.

Their latest movie centers on a married couple whose romance dominated tabloids two decades prior. When an actress shows up to do research on them for a movie about their past, their love story is about to crumble.

Natalie, who plays Elizabeth the actress in the film, told Vogue that working with Julianne was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and hinted at a “interesting and surprising” plot.

“To not only get to work with her, but to work with them together was just the gift of a lifetime,” the actress exclaimed.

“She’s one of my favorite actresses and her collaborations with director Todd Haynes – Safe, Far from Heaven – have been among my favorite performances from her.”

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