Jenn tried on a rаcy dress that perfectly accentuates her physiqսe

Jenn tried on a rаcy dress that perfectly accentuates her physiqսe

Jennifer Lopez shared a stunning new advertisement on Instagram on Thursday, showcasing her amazing dancer’s legs.

The 54-year-old, who has always been stunning, was promoting her ready-made cocktail brand Delola, which she debuted earlier this year.

J-Lo drew criticism for launching an alcohol line when the brand first launched, even though she hardly drinks and her husband Ben Affleck is a recovering alcoholic.

Despite the trolling, she remained upbeat and positive in her most recent advertisement for the company.

Jennifer looked summery in a fluttering lime green gown with an enticingly high thigh-slit, defying the lowering autumn temperatures.

In a fashionably asymmetrical touch, the peekaboo number also revealed a hint of cleavage and fell off the shoulder on one side.

Heading towards the camera, Jennifer descended a stone staircase while her caramel locks bounced over her shoulders, giving off a smoldering stare.

The steps eventually led to a sun-dappled veranda, full of partygoers enjoying a brilliant view of the ocean.

Toasting to the others, Jennifer poured herself a Delola cocktail over ice and grinned broadly, a megawatt Hollywood smile.

She acknowledged that she only occasionally indulges in a cocktail when she was promoting the new brand to People in April.

“I’m not a huge alcohol whatever-alcohol drinker, so it needed to be something that was really pleasant tasting,” she said, endorsing Delola.

Ben, on the other hand, has been open about his problems with alcohol, having checked himself into rehab several times during his career.

When he relapsed in 2018, his ex-wife Jennifer Garner drove him to rehab after stepping in with a Bible and a sober coach.

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