Jessica talks about the changes in appearance she continues to strive for

Jessica talks about the changes in appearance she continues to strive for

When Jessica Simpson’s first marriage to Nick Lachey ended in 2006, she talked candidly about the significant shift she underwent.

The 43-year-old mother of three talked about her Y2K wardrobe with Footwear News and took a trip down memory lane.

She described her experiences at the time after being shown a picture from the year of her divorce.

My hair was short, so I chopped it all off. “Take it all off, I was going through a divorce,” she told the outlet.

The pop star flaunted her platinum blonde bob in the pictures while sporting a short-sleeved purple minidress.

The native of Texas continued by saying that she was working on “press for my last pop record that I did” at the time.

After the well-publicized split from 50-year-old Lachey, Jessica released an album titled A Public Affair.

I Belong to Me was one of the singles, and the music video features a scene where the singer pretends to chop off her long hair.

Nick and Jessica famously tied the knot in 2002, having dated for almost three years. Prenuptial agreements were not signed by them because Jessica thought her marriage would “never gonna end.”

Through their appearance on the MTV reality show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, fans were able to witness the former couple’s married life up close.

Jessica’s ‘dumb blonde’ persona was accentuated throughout the three-season show as it followed her through the initial years of her marriage to Nick.

In 2010, Jessica decided to try marriage once more and wed NFL player Eric Johnson. The two met through mutual friends.

After getting married in 2014, they have three kids: Ace, who is ten, Birdie, who is four, and Maxwell, who is eleven.

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